Own the Dictionary

We (Fred, Steve & Jake) recently bought the dictionary at a yard sale. As the new owners of the English language, we thought we should share it with others and have decided to sell each word.

Support Ukraine!

Not only can you buy your favorite words on the Blockchain and own them forever, but 100% of the proceeds from the first sale of every word will go to support Ukraine.

Every word will be accompanied by an impressive "name tag" that you can use to show off at your high school reunion or on your favorite social network.

NFT Collection

The NFT collection is available on OpeanSea, with 10,000 of the most often-used words in the Dictionary. Grab your favorite word before someone else does!

Once you are the proud owner of a word, we hope that you will use it wisely. And when the time comes for you to come up with a suitable definition, you can return to this site and make your contribution to the English language.

Road Map

Our Team

Fred Clarke

Scrabble Enthusiast

Steve Hoffman


Jake Laurer



We (Fred, Steve & Jake) recently bought the English dictionary at a yard sale. As the new owners of the English language, we thought it's about time for a decentralized dictionary, where anyone can own a word and profit by it. So, we converted every word into an NFT on the blockchain. The language is now yours to buy and sell!

As the owner of a word, you are free to put it on a T-shirt, include it in your emails, display it on your profile page, and even create a new definition for it. You own the word, after all!

No, we're just creative dudes with a sense of humor. But we are committed to helping support the people of the Ukraine in whatever way we can.

You can purchase the NFT of all your favorite words on OpenSea.

Wanna Buy a Word?

Contact us at [email protected]

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